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All payments to climate protection projects and donations to myclimate (Germany and Switzerland) are tax deductible.

Calculate the Carbon Footprint of your Flight

Use the myclimate flight calculator to calculate the carbon footprint of your flight in order to make a subsequent climate protection contribution on that basis. In doing so, you are supporting high-quality myclimate climate protection projects worldwide that meet the highest standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo and VCS (including CBB and/or SD-VISta)). The projects reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, thus directly protecting the climate. However, climate protection projects not only reduce climate-impacting emissions, they also contribute to sustainable development in the project region. This means that it is not only the climate that benefits; the local population does as well.

Calculation Principles

The myclimate flight calculator determines the quantity of CO2 emissions that an aeroplane gives off per passenger for a given flight distance. The calculation is based on average consumption data for typical short-haul and long-haul aeroplanes. The calculation also takes into account whether you are flying economy, business or first class.
Calculation principles of the myclimate flight calculator

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